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  • Vilar Performing Arts Center
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  • Vail Valley, CO

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  • Me…Jane: The Dreams and Adventures of Young Jane Goodallon 2019-04-09

    10am & 12:30pm

    Curriculum Connections: Life Science – biodiversity and human, English, Language Arts. Following your dreams, being patient, closely observing the world around you, persistence and not giving up.

    Based on the book Me...Jane by Patrick McDonnell
    Adapted and Written by Patrick McDonnell, Andy Mitton, and Aaron Posner
    Co-Arranged and Music Direction by William Yanesh
    Choreographed by Christopher d'Amboise
    Directed by Aaron Posner

    "The idea of bringing Me...Jane to the stage is very exciting. I love the book and I am sure that the live action will inspire children of all ages to pursue their dreams and to realize if Jane did it, they can do it, too."—Jane Goodall

    A Show About Big Dreams: Get ready to go on a big adventure thanks to the even BIGGER dreams of a little girl in the new musical Me...Jane. This story has it all—actors, sets, lights, music, lots of singing and dancing, and the sweetest and funniest plush toy chimpanzee you'll ever meet. And one more thing makes the story extra special—it's about a real person named Jane Goodall. There'll be more on Jane later, but for now, let's learn about the story.

    What Happens in the Show: It's the 1940s and you're in a small town in England. There, you'll bump into eight-year-old Jane—but to find her you might have to look up in a tree or in the woods. That's because this budding young scientist is always outside taking notes and making drawings in her notebook. She also loves solving animal mysteries and dreaming about going all the way across the world to Africa to learn more about animals. The problem? Except for her Mum and animal friends, people around her think her idea is impossible. But Jane keeps trying to make her dreams come true, and finally learns something amazing from a very special friend.

    Core Connections:
    This performance is connected to the following Common Core Standards:
    Life Science—Biodiversity and Human
    English Language Arts—Information Text


    "5 STARS! One of the most poignant moments I've recently seen at the theater"
    —DC Theatre Scene

    "FANTASTICALLY ENTERTAINING. Me...Jane is a teaching moment for adults, an encouraging story for kids, and a heartening tale of the potential locked within us all, for everyone in between."
    —DC Metro Theater Arts

    "THEATRICAL MAGIC. Get yourself and your whole family to the Kennedy Center before this show swings away."
    —Broadway World

    If you are interested in signing up a school group, please use the request form HERE. All booking requests, contact stars@vvf.org.

  • 68 Avondale Lane Beaver Creek, CO
  • Website: vilarpac.org/events/
  • Public Email: boxoffice@vvf.org
  • Public Phone: 9708458497