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  • GatherHouse
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  • Summit County, CO

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  • Handblown glass demonstrations and shop

    GatherHouse specializes in handblown glass and graphic design. We have free glassblowing demonstrations and classes –– fascinating for all ages.

    John has been blowing glass since 1989, when he first experienced transforming the molten glass daubed on the end of a glassblower's hollow steel rod - the so called "gather" - into a solid, finished piece of art, alive with the poetry of color and curve.

    Free Glassblowing Demonstrations: Visit GatherHouse to watch as color is woven into 2000-degree molten glass and transformed into beautiful goblets, vases and lighting fixtures.

    Glassblowing Classes: Attend one of our popular glassblowing classes. During the 3-hour instruction, learn basic technique and vocabulary of glass blowing, while creating your very own piece of art. Parents, children, couples, visitors are all invited for this unique experience. Limit 4 students per class.

  • 110 2nd Avenue Frisco, CO
  • Website: www.gatherhouse.com
  • Public Email: kate@gatherhouse.com
  • Public Phone: 9704852909