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  • Vista Verde Ranch
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  • Steamboat Springs

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  • Cast a fly for great fishing

    The crystal clear mountain water of the quiet lakes and rushing streams of Vista Verde make for some of the best fishing in America. Since we are small in terms guest capacity we have the capability to cater to the needs of our anglers. Our guides are very knowledgeable about the area waters and strive to create a unique experience with one-on-one instruction and some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable. And, because of the abundance other activities, while you go out after that perfect catch, the others are having fun riding, rock climbing, rafting, hiking, biking, more. For the novice or experienced angler, Vista Verde is a wonderful place to experience fishing at its finest. Native Fish Rainbow Trout and Brook trout are the two main species of trout at Vista Verde. On most of our local rivers, the Rainbows range in size from 14" up to 28". In our mountain streams, the Brook Trout range from 8" to 16". It is not uncommon for someone fishing our smaller streams to land twenty plus fish in a day. When we fish on Colorado River, Browns make up 90% of the fish population. The Elk River holds Brookies, Rainbow, Browns and Cutthroats. The ranch also has two stocked ponds with Rainbows ranging from 14" to 24". With the capability of accessing so many different types of rivers and streams, and the variety of different species of trout, it is very unusual for any of the anglers to get skunked. Our experienced guides will put our guests on fish! Fish Hatches Where we fish determines whether we fish on top or below surface water. We get a good mix of both types. Around the ranch, we have Caddis, Blue Winged Olives, Baetis, Tricos and Stoneflies. Caddis run from June through August, Blue Winged Olives July through September, Tricos run from August to into September and Stoneflies run from June through July. Most of the hatches start mid-day and continue through the evening. In the late summer months, we get a huge terrestrial season with grasshoppers the main pattern of choice. Fishing Conditions Vista Verde Ranch has such a wide variety of streams and rivers to fish that width and conditions for each stretch of water are very different. Many of the bodies of water close to the Ranch are smaller mountain-sized streams that require short light weight rods (two through four weights). The Elk River is basically wide open with the makeup consisting of long runs and riffles one after the other. Hinman Creek runs through the Ranch with four miles of private water and the upper section is accessible by horseback into the National Forest. Smaller rods are easier to pack and are beneficial when trying to put flies under the willow branches that overhang the stream. June is our high water month with most of our mountain streams and rivers flowing high. We have three high mountain lakes near the Ranch. One luxury our program offers is the accessibility of fishing private rivers through a local fishing club that works with the land owners for permission to use their properties. Names of the surrounding waters include: Elk, Yampa, Blue and Little Snake Rivers. Himan and Willow Creeks. Steamboat, Pearl, Hahn?s Peak and Farwell Lakes. Guiding Each year our staff includes experienced fly fishing guides. Most are attracted by living in Colorado and the lifestyle that it affords; some by the opportunity to fish everyday and get paid to boot! While not necessarily shy and retiring types, they nevertheless get quiet satisfaction from teaching and coaching, conveying their knowledge of the waters and locale, and- most important- putting our guest on fish. All of the guides are available for casting or tying lessons and guided trips any time throughout the week. Most of the fishing is catch-and-release except for the high mountain streams.

  • Steamboat Springs, CO
  • Website: www.vistaverde.com
  • Public Email: reservations@vistaverde.com
  • Public Phone: 8005267433